The ideal lift deck AGV for palette transport 

OSCAR takes on all kinds of transport tasks. 
Palettes, containers, racks or rolling containers are conveyed between storage and production. Due to its smart and compact design, OSCAR drives under the load to lift it up. Thus, the vehicle can replace a forklift and excels with perfect functional safety.  

Yet, OSCAR is capable of much more: Its differential drive allows turning on the spot. Another advantage is bidirectional navigation: The symmetric design allows arrival, loading or unloading and departure in a single step without turning the vehicle. This saves time and optimizes throughput.  

OSCAR takes on all kinds of transport tasks.

  • Compact, rugged design
  • Various load bearing adapters attachable
  • Differential drive allows turning on the spot
  • Symmetric vehicle design allows bidirectional navigation, saving time and optimizing throughput
  • Precise load handling and minimal route deviation due to magnetic navigation
  • Forkless vehicle for optimal worker safety
  • Space-saving vehicle with minimal envelopes, ideal for narrow corridors and limited floor space
  • Two fully frame-integrated safety scanners per vehicle for safe operation
  • Long service life due to top quality standards of all components and the vehicle construction
  • Differential drive prevents floor damage
  • Combines ideally with conveyor systems and elevators
  • Virtually unlimited number of vehicles within an AGV system
  • Extendable to two-palette transport (elongated version)
  • As system providers, we can supply everything from a single source, from interface management to control software to route planning.

Technische Parameter

Max. load 600 kg / 1,322.77 lbs
Top speed 1,6 m/s
Navigation Slam or contour-based navigation or hybrid navigation with magnets
Battery charging Automatically in cycle
Rechargeable battery LiFePo4 (24V / 100 Ah) oder lead gel batteries
Reduced maintenance cost due to Brushless motors
Front an rear scanners
Safety bars