General Information

Manual / automated operation:

All vehicles can be switched from automated to manual operation. For manual operation, the vehicles can be controlled conventionally using its standard control elements.

Usage duration:

All systems can be used in one, two or three shifts per day on up to 7 days a week.


For safety reasons, the trailers used need true following.
The cargo needs to be secured against falling off.
Please consult with us for trailer design.

Energy supply:

To cater for different applications and shift plans, there is a wide variety of battery concepts ranging from manual charging to battery replacement to automated battery charging.


All systems utilise free navigation. The routes are stored virtually in the AGV control system and transferred to the vehicles segment by segment. The vehicles use laser triangulation or magnetic-point referencing or landmark recognition for navigation.


The vehicles are equipped with safety controllers, emergency stop buttons and two or more safety laser scanners for pedestrian protection (front and rear, optionally all-round). They are built in compliance with the EU machine directive and shipped with CE certification.
Additional object protection is available as an option.
Safeguarding a tugger train requires additional safety systems and measures.

Control System:

EuroTrans AGV control system as primary AGV guiding system for job processing, vehicle dispatching and administration, traffic control and control of doors, gates and elevators. A graphic human machine interface facilitates detailed visualisation and easy operations. A multitude of interfaces allows communication with various external systems.