DS Navios

The Intelligence of Intralogistics

DS NAVIOS provides the intelligence behind the flexible DS AUTOMOTION AGV solutions. It minimizes the number of vehicles required.

The DS NAVIOS AGV control system:

  • Manages all vehicles in a system as a fleet, combining various AGV designs
  • Efficiently assigns transport orders
  • Provides interfaces to third-party systems
  • Provides system visualization 

Therefore we assure top productivity.

This ist how the DS NAVIOS AGV control system works:

DS AUTOMOTION provides control systems for different types of installation:

  • DS NAVIOS TrackGuide for track-guides systems
  • DS NAVIOS FreeGuide for free navigation systems
  • DS NAVIOS AutoGuide for autonomous AGVs (under development)

Human machine interface

  • Web client access
  • Multi-user capability
  • 2D / 3D - visualization and operation

Order Processing

  • Order scheduling
  • Order optimizing (combine / optimize)
  • Order assignment 


  • Vehicle management
  • Vehicle condition
  • Battery management

Traffic control

  • Right-of-way control for vehicles
  • Zone control for stations / elevator / fire sections
  • Deadlock detection


  • Door and gate integration
  • Elevator management
  • Interfaces to conveyor systems, cleaning facilities 

Maintenance / Remote maintenance

  • Remote maintenance / Hotline support via VPN connection
  • Tools (snapshot, simulation), maintenance log

Data Analysis

  • Order statistics (transports per time)
  • Error analysis
  • Capacity utilization