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30.03.2023 - 03.04.2023 event

Strongly represented at the IFOY TEST DAYS 2023


Besides the joint booth with SSI Schäfer, where the functional range of our nominated vehicle software ARCOS can be viewed, we are part of the AGV MESH UP. With our AGV Carey we will show with 2 third party control systems what is possible with VDA5050. Furthermore our experts will be available for questions about the Layout Interchange Format (LIF).



The TEST DAYS of the IFOY AWARD (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) are one of the top highlights in the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS. DS Automotion is nominated with the vehicle software ARCOS and goes through the IFOY audit there.

After the first functional tests on March 27th, we will go through the IFOY Innovation Check on March 28th and present our innovations, plannable autonomy and cooperative navigation to the jury of trade journalists coming from 19 countries. At the joint booth with SSI Schäfer, all interested parties can also inform themselves about our entire service portfolio and get a unique insight into the developments of DS Automotion.

The IFOY AWARD honors the best industrial trucks and intralogistics solutions software innovations of the year. With an online media reach of 921 million readers and coverage of over 3,400 articles in around 450 magazines and 46 countries, it is the most important intralogistics award internationally.


The new edition of the live test of the VDA 5050 communication interface, which will take place exclusively at TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS, again promises a spectacular setting. The initiator and organizer of the AGV Mesh-Up is the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association with its member companies.

The aim of VDA 5050 is for automated transport vehicles in the warehouse, such as route trains, AGVs or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), to communicate via plug-and-play technology regardless of the manufacturer. In concrete terms: They drive with different navigation types (such as line-guided or contour-based) but communicate with a common higher-level control system.

DS Automotion will take part in this event with the underride vehicle CAREY and show what is possible with the VDA5050. In addition, our technicians will be available for a technical exchange about the Layout Interchange Format (LIF).

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