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Silo transport

Take the final step in automating your filling stations. Our vehicles take over the transport of the silos between the individual stations.
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The correct dosage

Optimization of the production chain

To ensure that the route between the individual filling stations is also optimally executed, we automate the transport of the silos with our vehicles. Together with our NAVIOS fleet manager, the recipe can be defined, and our vehicles then drive to the stations in the defined sequence and pick up each ingredient with gram precision.

High lift truck AMADEUS

The right vehicle for silo transport

With our AMADEUS wide high lift stacker you have the perfect vehicle to transport silos and containers for filling from station to station. Its extended base enables the silos to be transported in such a way that the lower opening remains free.

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NAVIOS fleet manager

Intelligent software solution

Our NAVIOS software, produced in-house, receives the recipe and, based on it, sends the vehicles to the pick-up stations in the correct order. This way, no mistakes can happen and every ingredient is filled into the silo at the right time and in the right quantity.

More about NAVIOS

Our solutions in action

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Ireks Food AGVs
Ireks Food AGVs
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The combination of filling technology and driverless silo transport offers an optimal system solution for our customers in the food and beverage industry.

Roland Hieslmair | DS AUTOMOTION

Roland Hieslmair

Technical sales

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Ireks Food AGVs
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