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Implement intelligently linked production by interlinking individual production areas with our automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots.
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Drive automation

Optimize your internal material transport

Many steps in production are now automated from the outset, promoting consistent quality and maximized production volume. But the individual stages of production often take place at separate locations and therefore require goods to be transported from one area to the next. Driverless transport systems come into play to save time here as well.

Benefits that move

Material flow

The material flow becomes more continuous due to the standardized paths

Space saving

Fewer buffer areas between areas


No incorrect bookings or stock transfers due to logistics errors


Safety for personnel and transported goods

VDA 5050

Easy integration of third-party AGVs through VDA 5050

Undercarriage vehicle OSCAR

Autonomous feeder of materials

Production halls often extend over several hundred meters. It is not uncommon for interlinked production steps to take place spatially separated from one another. For the transport of materials within the production process, driverless transport systems offer the highest possible efficiency and flexibility. With our underride vehicle OSCAR, this step can be easily implemented. Together with our vehicle software ARCOS, OSCAR can also make fully autonomous decisions for the best transport route.

More about Oscar

Our solutions in action

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Customers who trust us
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Many of our customers have already automated a large part of their production. So the logical next step is to also implement the transports between the individual production steps with an AGV.

Christian Haselgrübler | DS AUTOMOTION

Christian Haselgrübler

Technical sales

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