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Individual vehicles

You can't find a suitable product for your assembly solution? No problem. Our vehicles are as individual as your requirements. Thanks to our decades of experience in plant engineering, we know exactly how to apply the proven DS Automotion durability to a customized solution for you.



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Already in the planning phase, a plant concept is developed that covers your needs. Attention is paid not only to the vehicle concept, but also to the associated software, system control and safety concept.


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Individual load handling devices ensure that your product is transported safely through the production process. Attention is always paid to optimum accessibility during the assembly process in order to focus on ergonomics for your employees.

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Proven PLC technology ensures the necessary stability not only on the plant control side, but also in the vehicle. All vehicle functions are programmed and implemented directly in the TIA environment. Additional control hardware or third-party software is not required here.
Whether simple navigation by means of magnetic tape, safe positioning via DMC, active inductive guidance or free navigation by means of virtual guidance line. We cover the entire spectrum with technologies that are constantly being developed in-house.
The right energy concept for every system. While in flow operation the energy is mainly indexed into the vehicle without contact, fast charging systems offer the necessary flexibility for short cycle times. Whether cost-effective lead gel technology, lithium-based batteries or even supercapacitors, we rely on the right combination.
By integrating certified positioning systems and secure radio links into the vehicle's own Profisafe network, the vehicles can also be integrated into stationary circuits for safety-critical processes.

The perfect vehicle for your requirements



Every production process has specific requirements in terms of work steps, flexibility and ergonomics. The integration of automated guided vehicles in pre-assembly allows processes to be optimized and automated down to the smallest detail and manual operations to be efficiently combined. With a large number of our implemented systems, we can draw on extensive expertise and respond very specifically to your requirements.


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Referenz Anlage | DS AUTOMOTION
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