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The flexible mounting standard that adapts to your needs

  • Compact design
  • High ease of maintenance
  • Focus on ergonomics



Compact and versatile

Due to a vehicle width of only 600mm / 23.62 in, even narrow components can be comfortably mounted on the platform. The free footwell behind the drive unit allows the worker to approach the component directly without having to adopt a stooped posture. The vehicle can be individually equipped with an electromechanical lifting table to ensure the correct working height at all times.

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Fleximover Trike

Continuous or stop & go

The FLEXIMOVER trike can be adapted to these requirements as individually as your assembly concept requirements are flexible. Depending on whether your assembly concept is designed for flow operation or is rather clocked through. With the right drive and energy concept, we have the perfect answer.

Custom AGVs

Safety in the process

The FLEXIMOVER Trike ensures maximum availability in the plants due to its robust design and high positioning accuracy. Not only after final acceptance, but also many years later. Due to the standardized PLC components on which the in-house developed vehicle software runs, the long-term availability of spare parts is also guaranteed.

Experience more highlights

The simple navigation via a magnetic tape, which is glued on or milled in if necessary, has proven itself wherever flexibility and process safety do not get in the way. In addition, our FLEXIMOVER trike can also navigate via optical or active inductive guidance.
The unconditional use of SIL certified components and their integration into the safety control system are the basis for the interaction between the automated guided vehicle and its integration into the overall plant. In all considerations, the focus is also on plant availability, which is guaranteed without compromise even after years of operation.
The energy concept depends on the application. Depending on the shift model, specified cycle time and system layout, a suitable energy concept is calculated for you. Here, too, the FLEXIMOVER trike offers the variability to cover all variants from powercap to LTO batteries to permanent inductive charging.
Fleximover Trike

The perfect vehicle for your requirements



Every production process has specific requirements in terms of work steps, flexibility and ergonomics. The integration of automated guided vehicles in pre-assembly allows processes to be optimized and automated down to the smallest detail and manual operations to be efficiently combined. We have already implemented more than 100 systems in the field of pre-assembly and, thanks to our extensive expertise, can respond to your requirements in a very targeted manner.


Technical data

Fleximover Trike

Flexible vehicle for assembly lines with highest ergonomics

  • Payload: max. 800 kg / 1764 lbs
  • Speed: max. 1 m/s / 3.3 f/s
  • Track guidance: magnetic tape, optical, inductive
  • Freedom of movement: forward, manual reverse
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,800x600x400 mm / 70.8x23.6x15.7 in
  • Lifting table: Optionally available


    1 pcs. Personal protection scanners for 360° all-round protection
    4 EMERGENCY STOP buttons accessible at all times
    4 pcs. easily visible indicators

Control system:

    Siemens S7 TIA


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Fleximover Trike
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