About us

We are looking for highly motivated and proactive employees who may expect comprehensive advancement possibilities and long-term perspectives in a friendly atmosphere. A DS career starts with an unsolicited application or a direct application for an open position:


Andrea Berger:

Our passion: automated guided vehicle systems.

This is Industry 4.0 acted out, this is DS AUTOMOTION, this is us.

Being one of the world’s leading suppliers and a pioneer of Generation Industry 4.0 we work on a project basis, operate worldwide and are driven by an innovative spirit in designing, programming and producing automated guided vehicle systems.

We are a strong team implementing exciting projects around the globe. For our customers like Audi, Axel Springer, BMW, or Procter & Gamble we are a revolutionary business companion. As an ambitious employer we offer attractive development and training opportunities, flexible working hours and a pleasant working atmosphere.

Would you like to become part of our dynamic DS AUTOMOTION team? We are always on the search for high potential individuals and looking forward to developing solutions together with you!

DS AUTOMOTION // Imagevideo 2020

You certainly want to know what awaits you when you join us! To this end, we asked our employees to step forward and to tell you something about their specific tasks and their daily job routine with DS Automotion.

Markus Gundendorfer:

"The training opportunities in this company are good. I’ve already taken an English course, a hydraulics course, and a course for technical welding in construction."

Andreas Richtsfeld:

"The most exciting aspect of my job is the cool product we make. Mobile transport vehicles are a subject of mobile robotics combining many technical fields, such as mechanics, electrical engineering, software development. It really includes everything that is the state of the art at the moment."

Christof Wagner:

"I’d say, being proactive is a very important aspect with DS AUTOMOTION. You enjoy a lot of leeway, but it’s also important to step up to other people to improve yourself and also to solve problems."

Lateral Entrant Patrick Winter:

"Since I’ve never had anything to do with automation before, it was hard at the beginning. But everyone here was very helpful and so I’ve settled in quickly. Today I’m happy to have such an exciting and varied job."

Thomas Gschwentenwein:

"Some of my colleagues even study alongside the job, which means that the company is very accommodating and encourages and supports advancement and training."

Sieglinde Paulmair:

"We are all very friendly with each other, almost all of us are on a first-name-basis. The team spirit is very good. We all work in project teams as our business is exclusively project-based, and so it’s very important to cooperate well and to trust each other."


We'll be happy to welcome you on our team!

Training opportunities

We offer comprehensive internal and external education and training opportunities to afford our employees continuous advancement.

In-house development potential

We encourage our employees’ will to change and to move up the ladder.

Flexible working hours

Our flexible working hours benefit the work life balance and make it possible to complete training courses alongside the job.

Open structures

Open and flat structures promote people’s own initiative and leave a lot of leeway for proactivity and creative scope.

Mentor scheme

Mentors help new employees get familiar with the corporate processes and settle in socially.


A lunch allowance, fruit baskets and nearby canteens cater for our employees’ physical wellbeing.

Sports activities

By promoting sports activities and running our own DS football team we provide a counterbalance to the daily working routine.

Employee Events

We celebrate our common success with barbecue parties, Christmas parties, team events, skiing trips and company outings.

Works council benefits

Comprehensive works council benefits additionally facilitate occupational and private activities.

International operations

Our world-wide project business offers opportunities on an international level.