Born driverless

The AMADEUS-family is a result of 35 years experience in the development of driverless transport systems.
The AMADEUS forklifts accomodate laser navigation as well as the contour-based Navigation (SLAM).

The AGVs can be offered with all different types of navigating systems offered from DS AUTOMOTION and it is possible to integrate them into existing systems. The sensors for personal safety work without blind spot with unobstructed 360 ° surround view. It fits seamlessly in the new design of DS AUTOMOTION with a compact, rounded vertex. For the interaction with operators the AMADEUS-family offers a 10“ touch display and can also be equipped with voice output. Other options include ToF depth image cameras for additional property protection, Blue Spots projectors and Laser lane marker for collision avoidance with manual forklifts.



Max. Payload 1,5 t
Max. Speed 1,8 m/s
Lifting height / Fork height
Mono Mast 85 mm – 1000 mm (3,3 in – 39,4 in)
Duplex Mast 85 mm – 2880 mm (3,3 in – 113,4 in)
Navigation SLAM, Laser technology
Power supply automatic charging, battery replacement
low maintenance cost due to AC drives
Personal safety Protected integrated laser scanner with 360° surround view