Our applications in the field of agricultural machinery are designed for high payloads and stand out due to their robustness. This applies to the fields of both logistics and flexible production.

Efficient in spite of long product cycles and production fluctuations

Production figures are often subject to considerable market fluctuations, especially where long product cycles are concerned. Automated guided vehicle systems afford the required flexibility to achieve the best possible efficiency in this special production environment.

DS AUTOMOTION offers many years of experience in the field of agroindustry. Our solutions are characterized by reliability, economic efficiency, and availability.

Benefits that make a difference:

  • Increased flexibility of production
  • High payloads due to customer-specific design
  • Accessibility to the product from all sides
  • Customized solutions to improve ergonomics and the humanization of work
  • Flexible design of work flows and cycle times
  • Maximum safety for the goods to be conveyed, the personnel and the operational environment


Competence is the basis for innovations. DS AUTOMOTION offers a spectrum of the most diverse technologies, both in terms of navigation technology and in the field of instrumentation and control. These basic technologies are part and parcel of our core competences and are thus firmly in our own hands. Only if a company masters these technologies itself, can it make targeted improvements and use them in an optimum way. Here you will find an overview of the various technologies we are using.
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LMS, which is a 100% subsidiary of Ferrostaal Automotive GmbH in Essen, is a neutral service provider with approx. 420 employees.
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