The Compact Class within our Product Range

Our latest AGV “SALLY” has been opening a new compact class for smaller loads up to approximately 100 kg (220 lbs). Through mechatronic interfaces, SALLY can be adapted flexibly to various transport tasks. The unit is navigated by means of SLAM technology and closes a gap in the in-house transport chain on the way to Industry 4.0.

Capable of speeds up to 1.6 m/s, SALLY employs contour-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology to verify its course using topology features. Scanning the contours of the surroundings using a built-in laser scanner, SALLY draws up a kind of map with easily recognisable features.

Changes going on in the room, for instance caused by people or vehicles moving around or material stored, can be masked out by SALLY on the basis of the recorded room characteristics. For tasks like automated load transfer, SALLY can additionally use artificial landmarks. Her hybrid navigation system allows combining different positioning methods.

SALLY's safety installations for collision prevention and functional safety have been tried and tested in thousands of other DS AUTOMOTION vehicles. SALLY can also be fitted with additional 3D sensors and signalling devices.

Max. Payload 100 kg (220 lbs)
Max. Speed 1,6 m/s (5,25 fps)
Navigation SLAM technology Hybrid with magnets
Charging Inductive or charging contacts
Low maintenance efforts due to Brushless motors, LiFePO4 Batteries