Maintenance & upkeep

Each maintenance is an optimization.

Our experienced team of professionals provide preventative maintenance. Through precise inspection and analysis we assess the current situation, recognize defects and draw attention to future weaknesses. The comprehensive expertise of our professionals is implemented fully to remedy any problems in a timely and cost-effective manner, and the systems are optimized to achieve their full potential. The maintenance and service activities performed by DS AUTOMOTION are tailored to avoid any production line standstills and guarantee you a high degree of plant system availability.

Spare parts Management

Consignment stock & delivery of spare parts within 24 hours.

Enjoy the benefits of our full stock of standard spare parts, including a full range of mechanical and electric components. At the request of the customer, we also provide rapid availability of all spare and wear parts. Spare parts are already pre-adjusted to the proper parameters to meet the requirements of your individual plant systems. We guarantee rapid and reliable availability of spare parts for several years or an acceptable alternative solution.

Software services.

Data clutter over time can inhibit the performance of your AGV computer system. During software maintenance, we analyze the data stored on your drives, clean your storage media and databases and install required updates. This ensures that the stability and performance of your transport system remain secure. Remote maintenance activities also guarantee the highest levels of security and up-to-date systems. When your system is networked with DS AUTOMOTION, you have permanent functional monitoring and inspection of current operations. Any defects or errors that occur can be remedied immediately.

Radio network optimization

Effective protection against sabotage and loss of performance.

We encode your radio network and thus avoid any unauthorized access, errors or sabotage. Radio network analyses are carried out to ascertain any error or overloads in the network. Failure of a single access point often goes unnoticed and becomes apparent only in the decreased performance of vehicle operation. We register any system interference caused by other radio networks and remedy the problem in our customer's network.

Battery management

safety and cost savings across the board service.

Another service provided by DS AUTOMOTION is regular battery inspection conducted by our engineering professionals. Proper battery maintenance ensures longer service life and prevents any unexpected surprises. Weak battery cells are identified and equalizing charges applied accordingly. Customer benefits: Safe operation, longer battery service life and guaranteed cost savings.


UVV (Accident Prevention Regulations) inspections offer reliable protection against liability claims in the event of accidents involving personal damage. The law prescribes annual inspection of personal safety components. Liability becomes an important issue when inspection deadlines and legal stipulations are overlooked. DS AUTOMOTION assumes these responsibilities and conducts inspections on time in accordance with the annual UVV safety inspection guidelines.

Performance inspection

Performance inspection during regular operations. 

Our specialists inspect your systems during regular production operations. Internal procedures and processes change continually and it is easy for minute errors to creep in. Substantial costs and time can be saved when small errors are remedied on time, thus avoiding any downtimes in production. In collaboration with our customers, we identify potential optimizations and modernizations that provide more effective solutions for your production lines.

Plant optimization

Increased efficiency is our objective.

Change is the only constant. In addition to the services we provide to you as our customer, we are also glad to be your partner when it comes to process changes in your production. We rapidly and reliably react to new conditions to ensure optimized solutions and the increased efficiency of your systems.

Head of After Sales

Head of After Sales

Herbert Aumüller