Simple to use, comprehensive in its implementation. Completely out-of-the-box with our standard interfaces or tailored to your needs. The intelligence of your plant in one place.

Ready for the next step to automation?

The central intelligence behind your plant

As the central control point for the entire process of your plant, DS NAVIOS maps both the material flow and the fleet control.

Generating transfer orders

Orders can be generated in a variety of ways: automatically via sensors, the comparison of target/actual stock levels and the definition of time windows, as well as manually via touch terminal, directly at the vehicle terminal or via the connection to an ERP system.

Through intelligent order optimization, the individual transport trips are linked together, held back where necessary, prioritized or rerouted to avoid congestion. In addition, in the event of short-term changes to the stations, these can even be adjusted during operation.

Fleet Control

After receiving an order, DS NAVIOS checks which vehicle is best suited based on the current order pool. This ensures that the individual vehicles are always sufficiently loaded, that no empty runs occur and that orders are completed as quickly as possible.

Routes can be dynamically recalculated at any time, for example, if orders with a higher priority arrive or if other vehicles have to use the same route. Route planning can also take place over several floors.

NAVIOS Cockpit

With NAVIOS Cockpit you have the best overview of your vehicles at any time - from anywhere.


  • Web-based user interface
  • Responsive
  • German, English, French
  • Rights management - also possible with LDAP

Tailored to your individual needs

In warehouse logistics or in the assembly process, a more complex implementation is often required. That's what our project team is here for.

In addition to numerous standard interfaces for gates, elevators, lifting platforms, conveyor systems, robot stations and many more, we also implement completely individual solutions with DS NAVIOS - tailored to the requirements of your plant.

Supported Technologies