DS NAVIOS - our fleet control software

The Intelligence of Intralogistics

DS NAVIOS is our supervisory software and therefore provides the intelligence behind the flexible DS AUTOMOTION AGV solutions. It minimizes the number of vehicles required.

The DS NAVIOS AGV control system:

  • Manages all vehicles in a system as a fleet, combining various AGV designs
  • Efficiently assigns transport orders
  • Provides interfaces to third-party systems
  • Provides system visualization 

Therefore we assure top productivity.

This ist how the DS NAVIOS AGV control system works:

DS AUTOMOTION provides control systems for different types of installation:

  • DS NAVIOS TrackGuide for track-guides systems
  • DS NAVIOS FreeGuide for free navigation systems
  • DS NAVIOS AutoGuide for autonomous AGVs (under development)

Human machine interface

  • Web client access
  • Multi-user capability
  • 2D / 3D - visualization and operation

Order Processing

  • Order scheduling
  • Order optimizing (combine / optimize)
  • Order assignment 


  • Vehicle management
  • Vehicle condition
  • Battery management

Traffic control

  • Right-of-way control for vehicles
  • Zone control for stations / elevator / fire sections
  • Deadlock detection


  • Door and gate integration
  • Elevator management
  • Interfaces to conveyor systems, cleaning facilities 

Maintenance / Remote maintenance

  • Remote maintenance / Hotline support via VPN connection
  • Tools (snapshot, simulation), maintenance log

Data Analysis

  • Order statistics (transports per time)
  • Error analysis
  • Capacity utilization