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Print and paper

Automating reel transport from the day store or preparation area to the reelstand not only relieves your staff, but also significantly reduces damage to the paper reels. With the highest angular and positioning accuracy, our vehicles are absolutely reliable.

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Print and paper

Highest precision in the plant

The payloads in the print and paper industry are immense, which is why this sector in particular has long relied on driverless transport systems to relieve the burden on personnel. Optimization of processes and precise navigation of the vehicles mean that damage to paper rolls is minimized. We offer a complete solution consisting of our vehicles and our fleet manager NAVIOS. The design of our driverless transport vehicles also speaks for itself: manufactured from durable and high-quality industrial components, they are in use 24/7.

Benefits that move


High payloads up to 5,000 kg


Increase process efficiency


High angular and positioning accuracy for correct delivery & collection and to avoid damage


Maximum safety for transported goods, personnel and the operational environment


Reliable integration into your system by means of fleet manager NAVIOS

VDA 5050

Simple integration of third-party AGVs through VDA 5050

Paper AGVs
Print and paper industry

Our transport solutions to date include: transport between automatic reel preparation and the warehouse, supply of the printing presses with intermediate buffering in the day store, storage and retrieval of reels to the stack store, transfer to flat belts, transport of parent reels to the reel store or direct transport to the sheeters, return transport of residual reels and reject reels, removal of cut paper, surface storage logistics for print reels, disposal of residual cores and waste paper, and many more.

Customers that put their trust in us
Axel Springer
Klöckner Panteplast
M Real
Optimal Media
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Paper AGV
Axel Springer Paper AGVs
Paper AGV
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Gruner Paper AGVs
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Our offer

Print and paper
Joint planning of your AGV system
Precise advice throughout the entire tendering process
After awarding the contract, a professional project implementation is carried out on the basis of our standard solutions or completely customized solutions.
Targeted engineering for vehicle and software development
Simulation and virtual pre-commissioning guarantee short commissioning times at the plants
Whether plant renewal, process optimization, 24/7 support or full service. Our after sales team always focuses on the needs of our customers.
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Your contact for print and paper industry

Our experienced team is always available for questions and consultations.

Christian Haselgrübler | DS AUTOMOTION

Christian Haselgrübler



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