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Station logistics

Our solution optimizes last mile transports of sterile goods, documents, laboratory samples, instruments, medicines and other items in the public sector particularly efficiently.
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Hygienic and efficient

Optimize your station operation with us

Individual items such as medications, sterile supplies, documents, laboratory samples and instruments must be transported within the hospital. Manual transport often ties up scarce personnel for such routine steps and makes them unavailable for important tasks during the time of transport. A remedy for this problem is offered by automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots for ward logistics.

SALLY courier

Automated supplier of materials

The SALLY courier can be requested for the desired station simply by pressing a button. The filling and removal of the individual compartments as well as the destination entry can only take place after prior authentication. In order to reach its destination particularly quickly, the SALLY courier can also decide quite autonomously with the help of our ARCOS vehicle software whether it can avoid obstacles or has to stop in front of them. The safety of staff and patients is paramount.

More about the SALLY Courier

Benefits that move


Quality assurance through traceability of transports.


Only authorized personnel can open the compartments


Easy integration into everyday station life thanks to intuitive user interface


Multiple delivery orders in one trip, even with spontaneous changes


Customizable cabinet is easy to clean and disinfect

VDA 5050

Easy integration of third-party AGVs through VDA 5050

Station logistics
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Hospitals are increasingly facing a shortage of staff. Automated solutions for routine tasks can counteract this and relieve staff.

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Markus Gartner

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Sally Kurier Imagefoto | DS AUTOMOTION
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