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About us

It all started with the idea of simplifying processes in the automotive industry. Today, we are one of the world's leading suppliers of automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robotics. This is how we combine our experience with the trends of the future.

What defines us


This is what we stand for

With our innovative products and comprehensive services, we increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers. With a tireless spirit of innovation, we develop products and customised solutions that are not only reliable but always at the cutting edge.

About us

We are DS Automotion

As one of the leading manufacturers of automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots, we offer automated transport and assembly solutions to our customers worldwide. We set ourselves the standard of increasing the competitiveness and autonomy of our customers with our products and services. Our nearly 40 years of experience with AGVs and our drive to always find the best ways to make new technologies work for us and our customers help us to do this.

In dealing with our more than 260 employees, it is important to us not only to offer them an exciting and promising working environment, but also to provide them with the appropriate means for personal development and independent work.


DS Automotion
Start of AGV activities for the automotive industry
Development and commissioning of the first automated lift fork trucks
First self-developed control system based on Linux
Development and commissioning of the first free-navigating AGV facility with reference magnets
First self-developed fleet manager (Eurotrans) on Windows basis
First track-guided facility based on specially developed programmable logic controllers technology
Development and commissioning of the first hybrid facility with contour-based laser navigation
Commissioning of the first AGV facility with fuel cell technology
Launch of the fleet manager NAVIOS with web-based user interface and included material flow management
Completion of the in-house product portfolio with the ARNY heavy-duty counterbalanced truck
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Our strength is to offer solutions, not just products.
While the automated guided vehicle is an essential part of this solution, there are many other important components, such as our in-house control technology.


Jay Yale


DS Automotion has been developing and producing driverless transport systems for almost 40 years. Our team works enthusiastically on new solutions and innovations for the future.

Wolfgang Hillinger | DS AUTOMOTION

Wolfgang Hillinger


As an innovative technology company, we rely on having the essential technologies, such as navigation and control software, as core competencies in-house.

Manfred Hummenberger | DS AUTOMOTION

Manfred Hummenberger


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