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PLC Technology

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Stationary master control


As one of only a few manufacturers, we offer the VDA 5050 interface for PLC-based master controllers and PLC vehicle controllers. We are therefore able to offer all navigation technologies, to expand existing facilities with vehicles or to exchange outdated fleet managers to a DS Automotion master controller.

Mobile PLC


Vehicle control

Our track-guided vehicles have a PLC from the Siemens S7-1500 series, which handles all navigation and control tasks and takes care of communication with the master control system. This architecture makes it easy to flexibly adapt the vehicle software to customer requirements. 

Broad PLC technology know-how for our customers

Today, modern PLCs are used for a wide range of tasks.
Simple logic, highly dynamic motion control, innovative safety technology or complex communication tasks can be mapped with them.
Open architecture, industrial suitability, long availability and simple diagnostics are just a few of the advantages that result from the use of PLC controllers in AGV facilities and their environment.

Due to our broad know-how in the field of PLC technology, we can always offer suitable solutions for our customers.

Long-term availability

The use of technology from proven manufacturers such as Siemens S7 or Wago 750 guarantees a long availability of new and spare parts.


PLC technology plays to its strength through its openness in adapting to a wide variety of hardware, fieldbus and software and IT environments.


Hardware and software can be flexibly adapted to all customer requirements.


PLC technology has already proven itself for over 35 years in use on vehicles and stationary equipment in the AGV environment.


Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux talents pour le développement de notre technologie API !

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