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In online retail, speed and efficiency give you the competitive edge. This is exactly where our fully automated solutions come in!

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Modular, Scalable and Sustainable

Online retail is booming and has gained further momentum as a result of the pandemic, which will also permanently change purchasing behavior. As a result, retailers are faced with the task of adapting their intralogistics to the growing volume of orders in the e-commerce sector. At the same time, their ability to respond to fragile, highly competitive markets must be strengthened.

Our mobile robots are in operation 24/7 and handle the transport of goods for efficient order processing. Our proven fleet manager NAVIOS ensures optimized flows of goods through AI-supported transport algorithms and guarantees end-to-end traceability of all processes. Complementary storage systems are provided by our partner SSI SCHAEFER. Everything from a single source results in a highly efficient overall solution.

Benefits that move

Optimized processes

Time-saving order picking with our highly efficient software

24/7 availability

Consistent efficiency even in multi-shift operation


Highest safety for transported goods, personnel and the environment


Transport routes can be tracked in real time


Dynamic behavior depending on capacity requirements

Cost reduction

Increasing competitiveness through cost reduction

Complete solution

Complete solution with storage system through partnership with SSI Schäfer

VDA 5050

Easy integration of third-party AGVs through VDA 5050


Rigid systems that can only be changed at great expense are not a solution in the medium to long term. In order to be able to exclude this limitation, multichannel providers rely on flexible modular, scalable and sustainable intralogistics right from the start. These can be gradually adapted to changing product ranges and growing order volumes. Together with our partner SSI SCHAEFER, we offer complete solutions from a single source, both in the greenfield and for existing warehouses.

Customers that put their trust in us

Our offer

Joint planning of your AGV system
Precise advice throughout the entire tendering process
After awarding the contract, a professional project implementation is carried out on the basis of our standard solutions or completely customized solutions.
Targeted engineering for vehicle and software development
Simulation and virtual pre-commissioning guarantee short commissioning times at the plants
Whether plant renewal, process optimization, 24/7 support or full service. Our after sales team always focuses on the needs of our customers.
Imagefoto Online Handel | DS AUTOMOTION

Contact for E-commerce

Our experienced team is always available for questions and consultations.


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